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A revo­lu­tio­na­ry sys­tem for the care­ful del­im­bing of
living trees

A world’s first – pre­sen­ted at the LIGNA in Han­no­ver
In May it was time for adva­li­gno to pre­sent a sys­tem for the mecha­ni­cal del­im­bing of live trees to pro­du­ce high-gra­de wood, which real­ly must be cal­led revo­lu­tio­na­ry. Pre­vious­ly, for del­im­bing in heights above five meters, only tools and methods that requi­re com­plex and stre­nuous manu­al work with a lot of per­son­nel were used. Now the adva­li­gno Patas, named after one of the fas­test mon­keys, is offe­ring a solu­ti­on which is desi­gned to rede­fi­ne tim­ber stand manage­ment world­wi­de.

Forestry experts, who alre­ady expe­ri­en­ced the Patas in action came to the end »The selec­tion of the future crop trees must be com­ple­te­ly rethought as soon as this machi­ne is avail­ab­le!« With cost reduc­tions of more than 70%, con­s­i­der­ab­ly more trees can be delim­bed than, as usu­al, only every seventh to tenth. Forest owners will be able to dra­ma­ti­cal­ly increa­se the value and yield of their forestry by gro­wing branch-free tim­ber. Ser­vice pro­vi­ders are given a tool to car­ry out their work much more effi­ci­ent­ly and more gent­ly for the work­force as well as for natu­re. So, in the future it will be cal­led more and more often: »High-gra­de wood ins­te­ad of fire­wood!«

Espe­ci­al­ly deve­lop­ped for the care­ful del­im­bing of larch, pine and euca­lyp­tus plan­ta­ti­ons
Simp­le facts and figu­res are giving pro­of of the company’s self-con­fi­den­ti­al­ly clai­med quan­tum leap in the field of del­im­bing hig­her trees: For the time being, fores­ters and ser­vice pro­vi­ders were glad to finish four trees or may­be six per hour by pie­ce­work. Using the Patas will enab­le them to do 40 up to 50 trees an hour. While usual­ly no one would take the effort to con­ti­nue del­im­bing much hig­her than eight meters, the adva­li­gno machi­ne allows for a ran­ge bet­ween 12 and 15 meters with the easiest pos­si­ble ope­ra­ti­on. When you see the machi­ne at work, you imme­dia­te­ly under­stand how this immense advan­ta­ge in effi­ci­en­cy is achie­ved: the Patas will go up the tree for a com­ple­te del­im­bing pro­cess in near­ly incredi­ble eight to ten seconds – and back down again!

The tech­no­lo­gy, which is pro­tec­ted by inter­na­tio­nal patents, is based on a cut­ting head which reaches the necessa­ry speed via hydrau­li­cal­ly dri­ven rub­ber belts that gua­ran­tee mini­mum bark pres­su­re and maxi­mum grip. Wea­ther-inde­pen­dent and in the who­le year, pre­cise­ly desi­gned bla­des sepa­ra­te all bran­ches clean­ly and safe­ly from the tree. The ent­i­re sys­tem con­sists of two modu­les: a dri­ve and trans­port unit with com­bus­ti­on engi­ne and hydrau­lic cater­pil­lar dri­ve, as well as the alre­ady men­tio­ned cut­ting unit, which then works on the tree. A three-point hitch is also avail­ab­le for the con­nec­tion to stan­dar­di­zed small trac­tors.

A revo­lu­tio­na­ry sys­tem
for the care­ful del­im­bing
of living trees

Tech­ni­cal spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons

Hydrau­lic dri­ve of car­ri­er vehi­cle and cut­ting head
Ver­si­on with stan­dard three-point hitch
Bio­de­grad­able oil can be used
Con­trol with remo­te con­trol
Stem dia­me­ter 25 to 9 cm
Del­im­bing height 12 to 15 meters
Branch thic­kness up to 3.5 cm
Clean cut through spe­cial kni­fe tech­no­lo­gy
Pos­si­ble per­for­mance 40 to 50 trees per hour
Del­im­bing of a height of 12 meters in 8 seconds
Mini­mum bark pres­su­re and ground pres­su­re
Wea­ther-inde­pen­dent all-year use pos­si­ble
Easy and safe hand­ling 

adva­li­gno Patas

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The inno­va­ti­ve pro­duct was crea­ted on the basis of a fami­ly business’s own initia­ti­ve

As he had been active in the field del­im­bing for deca­des, Ernst Jor­dan many years ago loo­ked for ways to get the pro­cess done mecha­ni­cal­ly, without doing any harm to the tree and above all to the sen­si­ti­ve cam­bi­um. Many ways were tried and rejec­ted, until final­ly the machi­ne emer­ged, which could ensu­re the desi­red per­for­mance even in per­ma­nent tests. With the pro­to­ty­pes deve­lo­ped by the Jor­dan fami­ly, some 200,000 trees have alre­ady been delim­bed wit­hin the last eight years. In the mean­ti­me, the ent­i­re fami­ly has alre­ady been enga­ged in the second gene­ra­ti­on and has now foun­ded adva­li­gno GmbH with part­ners who have pro­vi­ded finan­ci­al sup­port and addi­tio­nal entre­pre­neu­ri­al know-how.

The young com­pa­ny has set its­elf the goal to beco­me the sys­tem sup­plier that will turn mecha­ni­cal del­im­bing upsi­de down around the world. In the long term, fur­t­her deve­lop­ments, adap­ted to the most diver­se needs of tree spe­ci­es and geo­gra­phic regi­ons, shall ensu­re the suc­cess of the adva­li­gno pro­ducts.

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